Health And Wellness Coaching Agreement

Payment for services is determined by The Coach and The Client. Payments can be made by credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX), cash or cheque. Benefits must be paid in advance (online before or at the beginning of the in-person session). The services requested by the client are billed and paid before or after the meeting, in addition to regularly scheduled coaching sessions, at the agreed proportional hourly rate. There is no refund for the services provided. Here are some of the most important aspects of a coaching agreement… I will start our coaching sessions by calling you at our scheduled time with the number you have indicated. If you are late or unavailable, this cuts into our coaching time. To avoid this and to make sure we get the most out of our time together, be on time. Please note that I maintain a distance of 10 minutes if I cannot reach you for a scheduled call. After this period, I will consider our call as a «no show», which will result in the loss of this session period.

When will coaching take place and how long? When a customer hires a bus for one hour per week, the contract sets not only the duration of a meeting, but also the minimum duration of the contract, for example. B six weeks. Another critical aspect of this issue is when the conditions of the coaching relationship do not apply. Customers can discuss their problems during unscheduled meetings or phone calls. Is that acceptable? How many times and when are you ready and available to accept such unexpected conversations? How long does it take to respond to emails? Finally, the agreements must encesse the cancellation conditions. What is the obligation for the client to cancel an appointment? When can meetings be imitated? What if the coach had to cancel a meeting? Feedback: If you, the client, at any time, feel that your needs are not being met or that you are not getting what you want from coaching, please tell me, so we can discuss your needs and adapt your coaching program as needed. Most coaches have a standardized agreement. This covers at least the fundamental conditions of the working relationship and can also highlight not only the mode of operation, but also the limits of the relationship and its effects. Even with more detailed contracts, some problems can be overlooked. An essential ability for effective coaching is the ability to generate unsaid assumptions and expectations that clients might have about the professional relationship and its goals.

The incorporated elements of the client`s unspo expressed psychological contract can take weeks. It is important to remain vigilant in order to identify the possibility of a misdirection between client expectations and the realities of the coaching experience. If the evidence is clear, an effective coach will respectfully present his or her impressions so that they can be explored by each other. Appointment: Please note that coaching package sessions must be used within the time frames for the package. Coaching begins payment and when the first session is scheduled. Coaching cannot extend over a long period of time. All coaching sessions (including reprogramming) of a purchased package must be used within the time of the package offered and must not be extended by 14 days after the end date of the coaching package. Commitment.

I understand that it is important to choose times when I can be free of distractions and focus on coaching sessions to enjoy coaching. I have brought over time and mental effort coaching with me and I am ready to commit to regular coaching.