Non-Compete Agreement Oregon

(6) Notwithstanding the points 1 b) and (d) of this section, a non-competitive agreement is entered into for the duration of the contract for the duration of the contract up to 18 months if the employer is made available to the worker during the period during which the worker is subject to a restriction of work, the largest: reminder: , does not apply to all types of restrictive agreements. The law applies only to «non-competition agreements» which are defined as agreements «under which the worker accepts that the worker, alone or as an employee of another person, will not compete with the employer for the provision of products, processes or services similar to the products, processes or services provided by the employer.» The law does not apply to confidentiality agreements or an «agreement not to recruit employer staff or to recruit or do business with employer clients.» (e) within thirty days of the worker`s termination, the employer provides the worker with a written copy signed of the terms of the competition agreement. If you are accused of violating a non-compete agreement, a Portland employment law officer can advise on their best course of action and help you defend yourself. If you need clarification on what you can and can`t do in your future business projects, a lawyer can guide you. The right lawyer can protect you from unwarranted attacks and help you maintain a safe legal status. It is also advisable to speak to a lawyer before signing a non-competition agreement, as lawyers can verify such a contract to ensure that you will not be unfairly disadvantaged. Talk to an employment lawyer in Portland for all your legal needs related to non-compete bans. This new post-termination requirement is followed by several existing restrictions on non-competitive agreements with Oregon employees in ORS 653.295.