Visual Studio Project License Agreement

If you set up the software to work with one or more accounts on the website or with a GitHub Enterprise instance, your use of the software will also be subject to the website`s terms of use and/or the licensing agreement that applies to your GitHub Enterprise instance. I would like to add a licensing agreement to my installation files (with the installation project) If the user does not accept it, the installation should be cancelled. This end-user license agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between you (either as an individual or on behalf of an entity) and GitHub, Inc. regarding your use of GitHub® Extension for Visual Studio and related documentation (the «Software»). IF YOU DON`T GO THROUGH ALL THE TERMS OF THIS EULA, DON`T INSTALL IT, DON`T USE IT OR COPY THE SOFTWARE. If you can`t find the text file that contains your license agreement, you need to add it to your installation project. To do this, select the «Browse» option in the «LicenseFile» drop-down field. In the posted dialog box, double-click on the location where your license agreement should be copied to the target computer (probably the «application folder»), then click the «Add a File» button. Your license agreement should be called the «.rtf license» and coded as an RTF file. This CLA gives you the right to install as many copies of the software as you like and to use the software for any lawful use that complies with this C.A.C. Your license for the use of the software is expressly related to your consent to all the terms of this ECJ. This software is licensed, not sold. GitHub reserves all other rights that are not granted by this CSA.

Some components of the software may be subject to open-source software licenses, i.e. any software license approved by the Open Source Initiative as an open source license or, for the most part, similar licenses, including, but not limited, to any license that requires the distributor to provide the software in the source format as a condition of the distribution of the licensed software. If you would like to see copies of licenses for open source components, please see In the Add the Dialog box, click the «License Agreement» icon and «OK.» A licensing form is added to your installation program in the Start group. When your installation project is open in Visual Studio, click the right project button on the project folder explorer, view «View» and click «User Interface.» This C.B.A. represents the entire agreement between you and GitHub and regulates your use of the software, replacing all previous agreements between you and GitHub (including, but not limited to previous versions of EULA). If you`ve selected the «License Agreement» dialog box, use the «Properties» window to customize your app`s options as needed. The most important thing to define here is the «LicenseFile» property, which shows the text file containing the license agreement to display. Where there is a conflict between the licensing conditions of open source components and the present EEA, the terms of these licences apply in place of the conditions of this BUM. To the extent that the licensing conditions for open source components prohibit any restrictions on such an open source component, these restrictions do not apply to these open source components.

To the extent that the licensing conditions for open source components require the licensee to make an offer to make a source code offer in relation to the product, such an offer is made here, and you can exercise it in You cannot delete or modify ownership instructions or trademarks on the software.