What Did Winston Churchill Call The Munich Agreement

Nevelle Chamberlain is coming back from MunichIf I am not starting this afternoon to pay the Prime Minister the usual and almost immutable tributes for his handling of this crisis, it is certainly not out of personal disrespect. We have always had, for many years, very pleasant relationships, and I have deeply understood, from the personal experience of mine in a similar crisis, the stress and stress that he had to endure; But I`m sure it`s better to say exactly what we think of public affairs, and that`s certainly not the time when it`s worth courting political popularity. In that speech, Churchill also made proposals to deal with the increasingly belligerent German state. He called for greater regional cooperation and criticized Chamberlain`s government for cooperating only with France and not with Russia in the Munich negotiations. According to him, as the three dominant powers in Europe, it is up to France, Russia and Britain to prevent Germany from annuling other countries. The Munich agreement worried the small nations of Europe about their security in the face of German influence, which perhaps extended deep into the East. Churchill already regarded the countries of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia as the future victims of the German annexation. He warned that if Hitler did not stop, he would soon turn to Western Europe and that Britain`s acts of appeasement would only reinforce Germany`s desire for more territory. [5] [6] What is the remaining position of Czechoslovakia? Not only are they politically mutilated, but they are totally disoriented economically and financially. Their banks, their railway agreements are cut and broken, their industries are reduced and the movement of their people is extremely cruel. The inhabitants of Sudetenberg, all Czechs whose families have lived in this region for centuries, now have to flee to an area where there are almost no mines to work in. It is a tragedy that has happened.

There must always be the deepest regret and the deepest sense of irritation in British hearts about the treatment and misfortunes that the Czechoslovakian Republic has overcome. They`re not finished yet. He can get into trouble at any time. At every moment, there might be an order for Mr. Goebbels to resume his propaganda of defamation and lies; at any moment, an incident can be provoked, and now that the line of the fortress is pushed back, what is there to stop the will of the conqueror? Of course, at this time, we are not in a position to provide them with any assistance, other than what everyone is happy to know that the financial assistance that the government has provided without delay has been provided.